Since 1934 The Owl Shop has been custom blending tobacco for the discriminating smoker all over the world. Each blend has been carefully prepared from the finest tobaccos the world has to offer.

Harkness Tower

Made as an alternative to the original Balkan Sobranie

Patterson's Mixture

Smooth English with Turkish and Perique added


Burley based, all day smoking mixture


Burley and Virginia , mild cool and naturally fragrant


Virginia and Oriental tobaccos and dark rum. Delicious!

Owl Natural

Great starter smoke, or first thing in the morning

Mr.Green's Mixture

This is it, everything but the kitchen sink, very full

Bancroft Tower

Flake cut, Virginia based, full of flavor

St. Johns

A standard English blend. Latakia, Turkish, and a little Perique. A very pleasant smoke.

Harrington Corner

An expanded and heavier version of the St. Johns.

Vat 416

Cavendish and cheap whiskey

Elm Park

Smooth and mild, if you like to draw a crowd this is it


Like the Greek sweet wine, wonderfully rich

Salisbury St.

Lighter cavendish with a lighter aroma

White Heather

This cavendish is blended with fine scotch


An English blend with hints of chocolate

Cherry Blossom

This is as sweet as it gets in taste and aroma


A Black Cavendish blend with a hint of dark chocolate and fruit.


A nice blend of Viginia tobacco with a nutty taste.

Front Street

Nice smooth aromatic with a nougat aroma.

Franklin Street

It's as easy as Peaches and Cream.

Pearl and Pleasant

Don't like Peaches? Try this Raspberry and Cream.

Bulls Eye

An English blended wafer disc.

Bay State

A blend of Sun Bright Pickins' and Burly that presents a sweet apricot aroma.